John McQuade Photography | Guestbook
Keith Nelson(non-registered)
Your photographs capture a spectacular blend of natural colors and forms.
Stephen White(non-registered)
I will be eternally thankful to Kelly for bring me into the orbit of artists of your vision and degree of accomplishment. You are a healer of souls in more ways than one.
Mary G Bantos(non-registered)
Absolutely breath taking moments. I can only imagine how Beautiful they were in real life! You truly have a gift in all you do! You are in a league of your own and I know with out a doubt your wife and family are so proud of you and are very lucky to have you in their lives. I am lucky to have you as a friend! Many Blessings to you and all of your adventures!
Normandie Fischer(non-registered)
Gorgeous. Truly breathtaking pictures.
Frances Eanes(non-registered)
PK Donson(non-registered)
Wonderful photos of Dewees Island. You put me in the photo too.
Debbie Hines(non-registered)
I have always enjoyed your work. From your trip to Ireland and beyond. They are always peaceful and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!!!
Nancy Turner(non-registered)
Your work and interest just keep expanding all the time. So interesting to see behind the scenes at a glass studio! Enjoy everything you do!!
Brenda Hustedt(non-registered)
Beautiful works of arts. You have so many talents. I think this is the most expressive of your love for the outdoors. Thank you for sharing these.
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